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Default Continued ADVC issue

This is quite strange. After making yesterday's adjustments and inputting nearly 4 hours of video elements, I shut down Edius after saving the project last evening.
This morning, I opened Edius with the goal of adding the rest of the footage only to discover that the CAPTURE was not engaging.
This is as it was yesterday morning.
How is it possible that it works until it doesn't?
I have a call in to Driver Support, but they won't respond until tomorrow.
Stay tuned.
System specs: Windows Ultimate i7 64 bit, CPU Intel Core i7 970 @ 3.2Ghz (6-core), 4G RAM (Plus 2X4G sticks) , SSD 80G OCZ Revodrive, 2TB X 2 internal HD, NVidia GTS 450, HD Spark, Dual Display, Edius 8
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