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I have just been testing an HP which was fairly similar - it had a 6820 i7 processor instead and DDR 4 RAM so was a bit better. It could cope with on layer of 4K H.264 based footage but struggled to playback ProRes 4K. It had Quick Sync so that helped H.264 playback.

I think that you can get a better model for the same money, because that had a Quadro graphics card, which always adds to the cost, and you don't need with EDIUS.

I am from a reseller of systems in the UK and we sell both HP laptops and ones we make ourselves. The chassis we buy are made by Clevo and are rebadged by lots of companies so you will be able to find the same kind of models in the US.

There are models which use desktop i7 processors and ones that use mobile i7s. The mobile i7s perform pretty much the same as the HP but have cheaper graphics cards and are more configurable.

The desktop processor ones are better for playing back footage like 4K. However they are heavier and don't last as long on batteries (about an hour in general use)

With the 4K is does depend what kind of footage you are using. if it is H.264 based than a mobile i7 has Quick Sync which EDIUS 8 uses to play the footage back better. If it is footage like ProRes then it will not work so well.

Obviously if it can handle 4K it can handle HD.
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