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Originally Posted by Cobra427 View Post
Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply.
The problem was Mercalli V4. I removed this plugin on the clips and replaced them with the buildin stabilizer. Now I get 100% utilization in Edius. Also in Cinebench. The difference I saw was during 100% utilization.
Do you think changing these settings will have an effect in this situation (full utilization of the processor)?

Hi Chris.

Sorry buddy, I'd not kept up to date with all the posts in this thread and that you'd found the source of your problem that was keeping the CPU from maxing out. Dohhhh :)

On the settings you changed in BIOS.

There are only a handful of Intel iGPUs that have dedicated 'proper' V-RAM, it's usually called eDRAM. It's only usually a small amount of about 64/128MB and is much faster than a computer's system RAM.

All Intel iGPUs share some system RAM, although those with the eDRAM also get a boost from that small section of dedicated video RAM as well.

The thing with the BIOS settings for allocating system RAM to the iGPU is that I'm not sure how accurate this is. The iGPU's share of system RAM, and I think more so with Windows 10, is dynamically allocated.

Maybe those BIOS allocations for system RAM are maybe a minimum amount and then Win10 just takes what is necessary beyond that minimum when needed from anything available that's spare that the system isn't using at any particular moment in time.

That's only an assumption based on tests that I've done where I've deliberately set the BIOS allocation very low to 32MB but the Win10 performance was obviously beyond what was capable of only 32MB V-RAM. That's why I'm surmising that the BIOS allocation may well be a minimum and Windows takes what it can, when it can, when needed without impacting the system.

It may well even be the case that the BIOS allocation is completely ignored by various OSs and is completely dynamic according to the OSs requirements and system environment.

Anyway, this is the long ways round to partly answering/observing what you are doing :) You may find that the CineBench results may only be within tolerance. I can't say for sure as I've never tried it but it maybe the case that a number of runs may result in different outcomes that are basically within tolerance. Or maybe the BIOS allocation does help a little bit, if it is indeed a minimum as I'm surmising.

Also, if you are interested in such things check out this iGPU Intel Iris Pro Graphics P580. I'm into gaming and stuff using Android running native on X86. Basically Android ported and patched to run on typical PCs and not on typical ARM devices. From what I've gathered so far, the P580 is the best iGPU that Intel made but is weirdly quite old now and more capable than any modern Intel iGPU.

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