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Originally Posted by Cobra427 View Post
Just an update for anyone interested:

In the Bios I found a few settings that seemed interesting. Your Bios might be slightly different and names of the settings can be a little different. In my Bios I found under 'Chipset':
DVMT Pre-Allocated (Digital Dynamic Video Technology)
This one allows you to set the onboard graphics memory size. Default is 64 Mb. You can choose in the range of 32Mb - 1024 Mb. Since we are working with large files I guessed more is better. I set it to its max being 1024Mb
DVMT Total Gfx Mem
This one allows you to allocate the DVMT memory of the onboard graphics. Default is 256 Mb) the range is 128Mb, 256Mb, MAX. I set it to Max.

I had no files to test in Edius, so I used the Cinebench R20 test. It went from 4650 to 4820. Maybe no that much, but every little bit helps and this one is for free.


BTW This only helps if you are using your onboard graphcs. (with QuickSink)
Hi Chris.

It's unlikely that those settings will have any effect for anyone who is seeing CPU underutilisation within Edius for certain tasks where others are seeing full utilisation. As per the original point of your thread.

Although those settings may well help in other general video tasks on a PC but probably not Edius. Again, as per the original point.

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