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Originally Posted by trillium View Post
Funny though, Handbrake does seem to use QS but Edius, I just don't know. Wondering if in Edius system settings if I should just have Intel 630 selected under importer/exporter gpu rather than the Intel cpu and Nvidia as well.

Reading the posts here it seems I should have a monitor connected to the Intel board, will give that a try before I do anymore updating.

Thanks for the info, I'll look at Dell updates. When I get the not compatible message using the install from Intel it basically aborts the install in the last stage. Bigger fish to fry at the moment- going to complete my current project and then "mess everything up!
You wonít get any joy out of Edius for QS if the iGPU isnít connected to run on a monitor. If you only want to see your Nvidia output and have a monitor with multi inputs. Just connect both the iGPU and Nvidia GPU to the monitor, mirror the outputs and just watch the Nvidia. This will appease Edius for QS and let you view the Nvidia GPU.

Different people have different experiences with their MB BIOS and how multiple GPUs are treated. Iíve never had such issues and as long as both active, regardless of auto etc. Itís all good.

Setting your 630 in Ediusí importer/exporter/GPU etc. isnít for activating QS.
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