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Originally Posted by Bassman View Post
After reading through this thread, I think Ulysses needs to apologize to Dave. It may be a minor thing but Dave just made a video to help folks and is also technically correct after being accused of being ignorant of technical details.

Now maybe the new spec will allow for more efficient transfers or management, as new is often improved. But, I think in the end of the day, we all just want the correct facts to be talked about, not who is wrong or right. Using Bern's math below, an NvMe drive will saturate the USB-C interface but not the upcoming USB 4 bus. So maybe there is confusion between the SATA and NvMe bus? I got the math wrong before I edited this post as I did not pay attention to Gbps instead of GBps :(

To me, the best thing about this setup is that it is bus powered. Very useful to not have to plug it in the wall.

Hope this can just be resolved as it is small potatoes but polite discourse is important imho.
but the thing here is this... I never accused him of anything.. I never said anything about his video.. that's the issue here to the person who posted it . if I was wrong or right.. not the issue here in regards of the post with the video. I put forward my views about speed and what will be in years to come.... for usb4 to be need the right ssd drive and hardware to drive it. at the moment that's not going to be happening but it will. the fact that he wasn't polite and was very rude to me doesn't help the situation... its not the first time he has done this to users on here.
if he was polite and didnt bully me by saying crap about me like.... I would of apologise... but no I wont.
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