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Originally Posted by Liverpool TV View Post
That has nothing to do with what you said earlier, you questioned the thread and have been proven completely wrong.

Why don't you just admit your mistake and lack of understanding of the thread and the clear real world example and move on.
never question the thread buddy... never question your video.. I stated something from a previous thread... hense why you had to create a video about what you think is the best way to do something... we all have our own ways of doing things... weather it is right or wrong is not up to you to decide.
you need to stop twisting what ppl say because its not healthy on this site....
I have the right express my views as you do.. but when you twist what other ppl are saying... thats when it goes too far..
and you have done this same behavior towards me and others in the past.

stop it!

i am done with this because its getting beyond a joke now with you twisting crap with what I said... not interested in getting banned from this site. but if your looking to get banned.. by all means go for it! I am sure its happen to you before!

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