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Thanks for this info. Luckily I can do the same. It does make my processor go to 100% (I can see it has to work hard, as the buffer does not rise very quickly).

I noticed one thing in your post. Intel claims this processor has a TDP of 95W. Some of the motherboard have a setting that limits powerconsumption to 95W, but that results in a max. of 4.3GHz, just like yours. You can change this in the bios (change max. power and max. current. The motherboard will manage this, so no worries someting will go wrong. Just change these settings to the max possible and the motherboard will choose the right numbers).
This will make your processor do a turbo of 4.7GHz on all cores, just as it should do and completely for free. This is not overclocking, just making the processor goes as fast as advertised by Intel.

I don't know what to do next. I tried shifting the M2 with the clips to the pcie x8 slot, but that did not make a difference (usb, M2, sata, ethernet, etc. share 4 lanes via the chipset. 16 lanes are directly connected to the processor. These are normally just for the graphics card, but it will do just fine with the 8 lanes it gets when you connect someting in the second pcie slot). I thought, maybe there more data then the 4 lanes can handle and therefor the processor does not go up to 100% (not enough data to process)
All I see is that without filters the processor will do 100% and with filters it does not go to 100%, but there is a stutter. Dropping the resolution to half makes it run smooth.
From what I can see everything is set to max, including CPU minimum and maximum. Temps are o.k.

System: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro, Win10, i9 9900K, 16 Gb RAM 3200MHz, M2 SSD 250Gb for OS and Edius, M2 SSD 500Gb for projectfiles, several HDD for archieving, dual screen Benq PD2700U, GTX1070, Corsair H115i Watercooling, E9.5WG, Mercalli V4, TPMG Authoring Works 5, Davinci Resolve, Sony fdr-ax700
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