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I had not seen the video but just watched it. It could still be some file on the hard drive that crashes Mync as soon as you launch it. It will look at the root directory of each drive when it loads so take all clips out of the root.

If you have copied a folder from a card based camera copied into the root and there is some problem with a clip in there it could also cause a problem.

If it is clip causing a problem then wiping the machine completely and reinstalling won't help. It may not be a clip but moving files out of the root directory is quite quick.

The other thing I would try before wiping the whole machine is to unplug all the video drives completely and load just the main drive. Then see if Mync loads up. If it does not then it is nothing to do with the drives. If it does plug the video drives in one at a time until you find which drive causes the problem, and then maybe we could pin point what is causing the problem on that drive.

I have never put a standalone Mync on a system with EDIUS so do not know what would happen but I would also go back to using the one which comes with EDIUS.
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