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Originally Posted by David Clarke View Post
Presumably you have deleted the contents of the Mync folder here:
C:\Users\dvc\AppData\Roaming\Grass Valley\Mync
Which would get rid of any clips in the database. I have had some clip crash Mync - generally when it finds them while cataloguing, but if it has a clip it does not like in its catalogue that could cause it to crash on start up.

What about the root directory of the hard drives? Are there any clips in the root which it would look at automatically as it opens? Move all the clips into folders and see if it opens.
If you see the Short video that i have uploaded, it does not even work normally. After some time playing with icons, the Application crashes.
If i do nothing and just want to exit the Application pressing the Red X the Application crashes, and i have to go to Task manager and do it from there.
All the contents in the path C:\Users\dvc\AppData\Roaming\Grass Valley\Mync are deleted. So i uninstalled Mync and reinstalled it without deactivating the license but the problem persists. All 3 Grassvalley folders are excluded from Windows defender scanning, and there is no Antivirus installed.
I think i will get my risk and format the Hard disk, installing everything from scratch...not just restoring the Acronis Image. And this will be the 3rd time that i activate/deactivate the license in 4 days . I hope and wish the GV Server registers the serial without issues.
I don't realy know what to do. !!!
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