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Originally Posted by Thor View Post
According to page 7 of the Firecoder Blu manual (from 2008), a PCIe x4, x8 or x16 slot will do if an x1 is not available.
Does anyone have a horror story about putting a Firecoder Blu in a something other than a PCIe-x1 slot?
Sorry cannot help you there
I have always made sure the motherboard I chose had sufficient 1x slots for both Spark and firecoder
It is still sitting in my current computer using up 25Watts but rarely used now
It does not plug into 7 but has been useful from VMW5 for H264 encoding but the problem is it only allows single pass encodeing and you will find there will be artifacting on xfades
2 Pass with VMW5 in software mode takes longer but is much smoother
As always try and see, if you have problems change the slot

Regards Barry
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