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Thanks shueardm that is very useful it fills in the gaps, a few questions:-

Why do you say W7 for the slave computer does Video Mastering Works 5 not run on XP? If that's the case will it run on Vista? I have spare XP & Vista licences but only the one W7 used on my Edius machine, further expense therefore on another W7 licence.
A gigabit link is also a problem, my router is only 100Mb and can't be changed owing to the way it links with a telephone service. This I imagine would prevent real time operation so defeating the object of the exercise. I suppose the addition of gigabit switch to which the 2 machines would then be connected may work.
Both Edius 6.5 and TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 require an internet connection, how then does one get over the anti-virus problems now being encountered, currently I run Edius 6.08 without an internet connection and no anti-virus program on the machine.
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