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As far as i know Al it shouild still work as standalone you only loose its benefit from within Edius
Just Downloaded AVCHD2Q and FCB is greyed out so i will check settings if i dont come back to you its not good news
For some reason my FCB is not being seen i will try and re seat
Update 3
After removing FCB and cleaning and re seating i can report that in E6.51 FCB is greyed out and doesnt function for me
can anyone else check it out
On my 6.07 caddy it works
so i cant at present say whether its something on my 6.5 system which prevents FCB being seen or not but the MHX-C! is not present under Sound Video Game controllers in 6.5
System Asus WS Z390 Pro MB, CPU i9 9900K, 32gb 3000mhz Ram, EVGA GTX1070TI, BM IP4K Win 10, BD Burner 1 Evo 840 and 4 Hotswap caddies
Plugins Vistitle 2.8, TP7, NB TFX5
Monitors Samsung 32inch tv as main 1 LG M2350D,1 D2343 1 DM2350D as output to (3D) IP4K, PXW X70,Canon FX400

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