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hi shueardm thanks for the SD BD profiles. i have HD ones that work great for BD but i could not get SD BD to work but yours work fine, thanks again. Just some points i have found that your bit-rates are very high, granted yes you will need higher bit-rates when encoding with spurs engine but i have found the following bit-rates work very well and going higher will not give a better picture :

The video bit-rates i use are (using spurs engine to encode):
  • SD - 480/576i - h.264 CBR - 4000 kb/s
  • HD - 720p - h.264 CBR - 11000 kb/s
  • HD - 1080i/p - h.264 CBR - 25000 KB/s

Now the only problem left for me is that there is no option (even with mpeg 2 ) when using spurs that i can see that will take SD 23.976p/24p and do a 3:2 pull-down to make it 29.97i BD compliant (i don't want to have to upscale to HD).

Any workarounds for this ??

Also just to confirm when i use your setting i get the following from encore CS4 (see picture)

The 'dvd transoce staus' sais "untranscoded" - is this only for BD and i can exuse it as i am making a BD disk ??

but when i right click on the .264 movie file the 'transcode now' option is greyed out telling me that this file is "BD compliant"

So i'm confused and not sure what to think now.... awaiting your wisdom.
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