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Default Fat 32 v NTFS

So Anton what you are suggesting is that FAT32 = better playback results than NTFS. ie 1080 50P will play on FAT32 but possibly not NTFS (depends on the person's TV).

But this doesn't help me when I produce football games that sees large files in 1080 50P and a game is in four qtrs that run for 30 minutes each. I mean who wants to drop the bitrate down just to get under 4 gig? I guess you can but its not ideal.

I'm at a point where I think I will just be saying to my customers that "A small % of TV's may not play via your USB port" A firmware upgrade may fix this or simply play via a laptop plugged in via HDMI to your TV.

Regarding dance show's again its tricky for in my case some shows sees an act flow straight into another one and the end user watching it at home might prefer to see the show back as it was and not via smaller clips.

Then again smaller clips means instant access to the act they really want to watch.

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