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Originally Posted by ken7 View Post
The one thing that is not clear to me is how AVCHD 1920X1080 60p projects are handled. ... That's the current problem with Edius 5, it accepts 1920X1080 60p but won't export at that resolution with 60p.
Well, I did find one way to setup an MPEG2 export at 60p that seemed to do the right thing. But the export options are limited. [Another problem is that you can't single-step through all 60 frames. Presumably all the titling effects are also layered at 30p (never checked that, though). Etc. Presumably these are fixed with a 60p project, which is great!]

The Panny format isn't really AVCHD, so I wouldn't expect the AVCHD export to support it. I would also be interested in knowing which exporters will support 60/50p.

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