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The Storm Mobile does capture to HQ even without an HQ chip. It can also do more codecs - AVC-Intra and MPEG2, as well as Canopus HQX. It does not capture into uncompressed - for that you need an Elite or Storm 3G.

The down-conversion will produce an SD output at the same time as outputting HD through the HDMI. The down-converted footage is always 4:3 as far as I can see (so an HD timeline is automatically letter boxed by the Storm Mobile) but then most SD screens are 4:3 anyway. This is down-conversion on playback ONLY, it does not help when rendering to SD from and HD timeline or lets you input HD and capture as SD.

If you buy the external version (ie not the one that fits in a computer case) then it needs separate power - you get a PSU for this. However you only need the PSU when using a laptop, on a desktop you get cables so the box can be powered by the PC it is plugged into - nice IMO and nicer than other similar gizmos like the Matrox MX02 or AJA i/o Express (neither of these work with EDIUS but are the same kind of external device)
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