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Originally Posted by createmedia View Post
I drew a similar wiggly shape on the bottom third of the screen

Yes I can get two spikes in the mast soft edge generated on any material and it was on a node vertex with curve adjustment handles.

If I turn off the soft edge (61px) the spike goes away. The spike jumps into visibility at above 53px soft edge and disappears at over 100px. 63px makes more spikes appear.

Copying the mask recreates the issue on another clip.

The error only shows up in a small area of the screen moving the node away removes the problem putting it back recreates it.

Extending the node curve handles removes the issue, shortening them back towards and close to the node recreates them.

If the curve handles are horizontal the problem doesn't show but if they are angled or vertical then it does show. It also depends on the position of next and previous nodes.

Click with Alt removes the curve handles and clears the spike but clicking with Alt again to add them it reappears again if the curve handles are set vertical.

Deleting the node and adding a new one with curve handles the problem comes back.

If I add curve handles to another node and keep them close to a node and make them vertical the problem shows up in that place on the screen where it wasn't before.

The problem only occurs in a narrow band in the bottom third of the screen for me.

I hope that info helps

Thank you very much Mike! So... Pat, Steve can we report it now? Plus copy / paste destroys the mask. I know I'm annoying but I won't let it go :)
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