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Default ADVC 110 - PAL black and white caps?

I'm in the UK and am using a product bought in the US. Since the packaging made clear it could be set up for NTSC or PAL, I thought there would be no problem in using it here. However, on setting up the dip switches to capture PAL, I get audio and video but no colour.

The dip set up is nos. 1 and 6 are on, the others are off. (I changed no 1 to on since the instructions suggested that was a way of curing the problem. It made no difference.)

I'm capping from a Hitachi video in Analogue mode with a SCART plug in the vid going into the two audio inputs and one S-video input for the 110. I use the six-pin Firewire connection to the PC (p4 3.4, 1gb of 667mhz ram, GT 7600 256mb PCIe graphics card, on a Win XP service pack 2 system).

I've previously capped the video (archive of 8mm analogue home footage) using Pinnacle's DV500 card and break out box. The colour was present, although the overall quality once burned to DVD was not good - hence trying the Canopus for the first time. I'd hoped to compare the two caps side by side. (Capping inside Prem. Elements 2.)

Any suggestions as to how to correct get colour captures would be very welcome indeed.
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