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Originally Posted by Ron Evans View Post
Hi Dave, Several comments on the BlackMagic forum note that GPU card needs greater than 3.5GB to encode, at least for Resolve, so you may want to get a card with the largest amount of VRAM you can get within your budget. Clearly low cost gaming cards with 3GB do not work in Resolve as several have found out. Not sure how this may apply to other encoders use of the NVIDIA encoder.
Hi Ron.

Yes, memory is a big consideration, especially depending on the software being used but you're not gonna believe this :)

I just notice this comment as I was a doing a test. I've got a GT 710, which is about as basic a card as you can get. It only has 2GB of RAM and costs about 30, I've got it for system testing with stuff that doesn't have an iGPU.

I'm doing the same test again with this card, 9 minute UHD/25 HQX, although only to H.264 as I don't think it can do H.265. It actually works :) So far it's encoding faster, just about, than the i9 QSV was for H.265.

This particular card was always supposed to be none NVENC, I think it was disabled in the driver. There used to be a workaround to enable NVENC but this one just worked without altering the registry.

It may be the case that a system can be built with a very modest card.

Cheers, Dave.
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