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Hi Alex,

The import field values that you provide in a schedule are interpreted by the automation as plain text values. The asset distribution process will only transfer assets if it knows that a particular text value in an event refers to an asset. As the import field values are intepreted as plain text no asset transfers will occur.

There is an alternative way of using import fields that will trigger the transfer of the PIP assets. It works by using a combination of import fields and the external reference values of the PIP assets. It works as follows (steps in Composer while editing the PIP format):
1. Set the scene parameter(s) for each clip source property to the "import field type" (as before).
2. Then enter the import field name that you will insert in your schedule (again, like before) but be sure to prefix it with "[extref]" (without the double quotes). So, if your import field is called "pip1_source" then the value you specify in the format editor is "[extref]pip1_source".

The [extref] keyword indicates that the import field will contain an external reference to an asset in TX-MAM. At schedule time the value of the "pip1_source" import field is used to look up the id of the asset with an external reference that matches the value of the "pip1_source" import field. By using this approach the automation is able to detect that the import field value references an asset; which in turn will trigger the asset distribution process to transfer the asset to playout.

Using the above solution you should be able to achieve the desired result. If you have any further questions then please contact us again.


Jan Roel
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