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erik 04-05-2011 11:29 PM

recomanded viedo card for Edius 6
im new here so ...

im planning to buy Edius 6 with a new PC
i have 2 questions...

i saw on the site that Edius 6 is proude of working with no spacial HW so based on the fact that this station is dedecated to video editting for full HD movies and clips can you recomand on a video card for effective video editing with effects etc in real time?
Also Does Edius has any limitation to work with a spasific HW configuration such as Intel i7, AMD?

thx in advance


SoundFreak 04-06-2011 03:31 AM

Hi Erik, welcome to the forum.

For Edius alone a recent card with a minimum of 1GB of ram would suffice.

As AMD user-base is not that wide as Intel, so it's likely not a fair comparison but there are a few AMD user and no special issues are reported so far.

In days long gone it was very important to follow specific build rules, now the PC & NLE market has matured quite a bit and works with most systems now.
As a good guide stroll around the forum and read users signature, it will help a lot, but not with extreme new hardware, with that you can help us, after you buy it, test it and report back here :)

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