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Needham 03-10-2011 10:13 PM

Picture Controller and the upcoming Mac OSX Lion

So far there is no intel or universal version of picture controller, only powerpc.
The new version of Mac OSX will be intel only and won't have the powerpc emulation like snow leopard.
Why doesn't exist a intel version of picture controller? Are you planing a intel version or will my ADVC-300 be left in the cold when Lion arrive?
If that happens its a shame because i will have to sell it and search a different solution for my conversion needs. And off course leave a bad image regarding the support for the products.

Thank you.

kbosward 03-11-2011 12:46 AM

You are correct, all support for PowerPC emulation will be removed from Mac OSX Lion. However, you do not NEED Picture Controller to use the ADVC-300. You only need it if you want to change settings from the computer. If you are happy with the current settings then you don't need Picture Controller. If you do need to change one or two settings, you can either do it using the buttons on the ADVC-300 itself, or you can connect it to another computer which runs Picture Controller and set it that way.


Needham 03-11-2011 10:11 AM

I only have one computer and i know about the possibility of changing the settings with the buttons but i use the device to convert a lot of old vhs tapes.
For that i need to constantly be changing and reseting the settings.
Doing it manually will became a pain to do.

THoff 03-12-2011 05:02 AM

Another possibility would be to use a small Windows XP installation under Bootcamp or Parallels.

Needham 07-31-2011 04:12 PM


I know about that solutions, but that is not really a solution because it means i have to buy a Windows XP license and if i don't want to reboot all the time i also have to buy a parallels or vmware license.
The ADVC-300 is not a cheep device and to keep using it i have to keep spending money because the manufacturer doesn't bother to update a simple software to control it?
I'm talking about a product that is still being sold and the picture controller software isn't updated since 2003!

THoff 07-31-2011 05:01 PM

Believe me, I am not trying to defend the lack of updates, I was trying to give you alternatives so you can keep working. I own an ADVC-300 myself but use Windows.

I would love to see the code for Picture Controller released as open source so that the program could be maintained and enhanced (the ability to create and load profiles would be nice, for instance).

EraseAndRewind 07-31-2011 05:02 PM

If you would install windows 7 x64 on your Mac you'll have the best of both worlds, why fight it any longer, your hardware is almost a pc now and windows has improved in a major way, give it try.

There are several 'dual' users here on the forum, I will join them also at my next major hardware upgrade.

Regarding older software, don't count on any update, many older but great working software has been abandoned from their portfolio without replacement, it's just the way it is.

hyoung 08-07-2011 04:47 PM

Both systems...
I have Mac Lion and Windows 7 over Parallels.
Could I use Picture Controller in Windows and still transfer the captured Movie to the Mac ?

onscrit 09-05-2011 02:56 PM

ADVC-300 / Mac OS X Lion - Feedback

I recently switched to Mac OS X Lion and bought an ADVC 300 for massive analog tape digitalization.

After a couple of week and a number of trials, I'm happy to share the following outcomes with you:
- The AVDC 300 works fine with both SECAM and PAL standards (but you've got to switch the DIPs below the box each time you want to change the standard...);
- The ADVC 300 works fine with Final Cut Pro X;
- The power supply provided by Canopus works either on US 110V or European 220V standards without any difficulty;
- At this stage, I did not find any way to run Picture Controller 300 under Mac OS X Lion;
- The Y/C 3D correction is terrific. AGC and black deepening algorithms work well too but are more difficult to set).
- To operate the ADVC 300 on a stand-alone basis is really painful (with the DIPs below the box and three buttons with a dozen of leds like we are back to good old times...). Moreover, there are some very useful settings that you can even change in the stand alone mode;
- HOPEFULLY, you can operate the ADVC with two computers plugged at the same time on it (there are two DV ports);
=> Now, I use the ADVC 300 with two computers at the same time. The Mac drives the acquisition under FCP X and a very old PC laptop runs Picture controller and operates as a monitoring device for the quality of the image.

Finally, I found peace and can digitalize beautiful old videotapes in a satisfactory manner. At the end of the day, I recommend ADVC 300 for analog digitalization with both Mac OS X Lion and FCP X or iMovie.

bennorthenor1 11-03-2016 07:17 PM

ADVC 300 PowerPC
How do I get my ADVC to capture my VHS tapes if Picture Control won't open on my MacBook Pro?

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