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kellnerjan 02-13-2020 01:11 PM

K2 stratus // new behaviour
Hey guys, i have got question for K2 stratus users. When i start record on my channel, PAL information appears in the file properties (picture )but changes to 1080i information a few seconds later.
Any reason why is Stratus doing this ? It is a new behaviour, stratus didnt do that before...

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GrassValley_PS 02-14-2020 04:00 AM

First, please use the manage attachment below the reply to add your picture. Are you using Scheduler or Channel Panel to record? What is the record settings in the STRATUS Control Host? Do you really have 1080p, 720p, and 1080i in STRATUS?

kellnerjan 02-14-2020 08:42 AM

I am using channel panel and video format is set - 1080i - we have got two studios with GV stratus. And one of them is OK with information about 1080i but in second one we have got few seconds information about PAL and after that, is information 1080i....

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