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cmt100 02-02-2009 02:17 PM

ADVC 55+TBC or ADVC 300?
I need to clean up some old Hi8 tapes as my ADVC 55 doesn't like the synchronization on them. But I can't decide whether to stick with the ADVC 55 and get a time base corrector like the TV One Task 1T-TBC or switch over to the ADVC 300. So help needed to make a decision.

My thoughts and questions are:

Option 1 - ADVC 55 + TBC
One more cable connection so possibly more signal degradation?
The TBC only processes the s-video so what happens to the audio?

Option 2 - ADVC 300
Does the 2D 3D y/c work with PAL tapes? there's a note which says "NTSC only" but it's not clear which bit it is referring to
What's the difference between Line TBC and Full frame?
Does the 300 offer additional filters not found on a separate TBC?

I'd really like a guaranteed to work solution as well!

kbosward 02-03-2009 01:50 AM

It's unusual that your ADVC-55 doesn't like your Hi8 tapes, which are normally good quality as far as sync goes. Are you sure you have the DIP settings correct (#1 on and #2 off for PAL)? Or it could be that your Hi8 camera needs an alignment adjustment. Digital converters are less forgiving than analog TVs of video which has marginal sync. I found with my old Video8 camera that my ADVC-300 was losing sync and I ended up pulling the camera apart and adjusting the alignment (it is a mechanical adjustment) and have had no problems since.

The ADVC-300 has only a Line Time Base Corrector, that is it does not do full frame sync correction, only line sync correction. So you are better off with a full TBC with either converter.

If your Hi8 player has S-video output, then the 3D Y/C (or lack of it on PAL) does not matter, since S-video already has Y and C separated. According to the web page, the ADVC-300 doesn't do 3D noise reduction in PAL, but I have found that enabling it in PAL does seem to make a difference (to my eye) on grainy videos (e.g. those filmed in low light), so now I'm not so sure.

There are many other filters and adjustments available on the ADVC-300. I posted a list of settings here: showpost.php?p=29923. You can also see some samples of filtering done by the ADVC-300 on this forum.


cmt100 02-03-2009 08:44 PM

Thanks for the info and links.

DIP settings are definitely on PAL and most of my tapes have been fine. I'm a bit wary of tweaking with my camcorder in case I make it worse and not better.

The tapes causing problems are ones which I have done a lot of tape based editing on in the past, so stretching may be an issue. They also have low light and grainy digital zoom images which the ADVC 55 doesn't seem to like.

I'm going to investigate the separate TBC option again but as they only process the s video will it lose sync with audio?

GrassValley_BH 02-03-2009 10:31 PM

TBC will introduce delay. Some are smart and can also delay the audio as well so they stay in sync.

cmt100 02-05-2009 08:16 AM

I've read about the methods of TBC on Wikipedia but I'm still confused as to what I need. All my tapes play and display fine on the camcorder viewer or a TV, while on the ADVC 55 the green/red light flickers at the particular areas of tape it doesn't like, so I'm guessing that the sync is just slightly out.

How good is the ADVC 300 Line TBC at correcting for these marginal sync conditions?

kbosward 02-05-2009 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by cmt100 (Post 64998)
How good is the ADVC 300 Line TBC at correcting for these marginal sync conditions?

Not particularly good, as I said earlier it has a Line TBC, not a full-frame TBC. I'm not even certain what a LTBC does, but I think it helps to remove jagged edges at the sides of the video picture.

I've seen some people report that they use a Datavideo TBC-1000, which apparently is relatively "inexpensive" as far as TBCs go.

Maybe you could hire one to see what difference it makes, to save spending lots of money?


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