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ruimes 08-06-2019 03:57 PM

new reinstall mync
hi, I had to reinstall the edius and mync, where may i find the old library?
I already had taged , lot off media ? anyone can help?
where is the folder or file with this info?

David Clarke 08-07-2019 08:35 AM

The library is here: C:\Users\david\AppData\Roaming\Grass Valley\Mync
where "david" is your user name. It is possible you wiped it when reinstalling because it is always in the same place.

ruimes 08-08-2019 10:35 PM

dam, I had a few (18 disks of 4TB) of data that was with tags on Mync

GrassValley_SL 08-08-2019 11:15 PM

Are there files in the backup folder from before your install?

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