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Johhnyscenic 02-16-2019 02:08 PM

Help with reinstall
Hi There - Greetings to all - this is my first post on this forum - so please bear with me

having done a clean install on my Chillblast photo editing computer(Windows 10) - I have managed to wipe out my version of Edius pro 8.53 - so have installed my second and last licence onto my desktop computer again. Having contacted Grass Valley - they say I can recover these Edius files( I need to do this in order to install Edius Pro 8.53 onto the Chillblast OC Photo editing laptop that I have just acquired) - They say I must use a Grass Valley installer in order to do this but I cannot locate this on their website.

My computer skills are somewhat limited(Sadly) - could anyone give me instructions(in the simplest terms - please) how to retrieve the second version of Edius Pro 8.53 from my desktop and transfer it and install it onto my laptop?

Kind Regards

John Stainthorpe.

GrassValley_SL 02-17-2019 02:06 PM

If you have formatted the drive with your license active it is best to contact your reseller.

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