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dnsing 12-29-2014 12:16 AM

Edius Trial Version Question
I am using the trial version and have learned enough to satisfy me that this is the editor I want to purchase. I have one question now.. When I use the Titler, the titles in the Titler window appear very fuzzy. When I run them in the timeline, they are fine. Why os this? Next step is to produce a Blu-ray disk before I purchase. I have used LE for a lot of years, started out as FAST. This editor feels good to me.

GrassValley_PS 12-29-2014 05:02 AM

In Quicktitler, go to View and click Preview mode. You only have to do this once. It changes the title viewing from low resolution to high res.

Bluetongue 12-29-2014 07:17 AM

First of all, Welcome, you will not be sorry with your choice
For the way the titles look in QTitler, go to View<>Preview Mode and click or Ctrl+Shift+F3
It should hold from then on
It is a left over form the days of slow computers to make the titler more responsive, it is a toggle so the same to turn off
You will find much help here not like some forums, enjoy

Regards Barry

dnsing 12-29-2014 04:01 PM

Trial version
Thanks for the replies!

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