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Russ Jenisch 01-31-2013 05:36 PM

Exporting Files from Adobe Media Encoder
Many file options and formats can be exported from varying edit systems into the K2/Summit. If using Adobe Media Encoder, try the following conversion option:

XDCam 50
1280 x 720
24 bit Stereo

MattK 09-26-2017 11:01 PM

Audio files that work with Dyno/Summit
Hey Russ
Our Dyno had a firmware upgrade last year and no longer will accept WAV files to playout. Traditionally we're using them as a music bed under montages, loaded in the Aux Audio slot.
I now have to convert files to MXF or .mov which has meant slower conversion, larger files and slower transfers when the drive is plugged in the Dyno.

I'd really like to continue with WAV files as they transfer so much faster, is this a fault or an update meaning that WAV files are no longer supported?
Can I just load a folder with music files directly on to the summit and skip the plugging into the back of the Dyno?
Sorry I don't have the version number we're running at the moment as it is out on a job, will get it if you reply to me.

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