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Merlin2504 04-05-2019 10:33 AM

ADVC500 Problems with recording VHS tapes
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I bought a Canopus ADVC500 needed. Now I have problems recording VHS tapes. He starts to digitize and then stops the recording.
But does it work with my old Pinnacle MovieBox DV Firewire?

My configuration:
1. Player: Video Recorder is a JVC HR-S7500 (without TBC)
2. Recording Device: iMac via Firewire Adapter (Thunderbolt)
2. Recording Software: Final Cut Pro X

On the ADVC, the DIP switch is switched or I have tested the following:
1. Adjustment or Attempt: switch 1-4 off, switch 5-6 on, switch 7-8 off

2. Adjustment or attempt: switch 1,2, 4 off, switch 3 on, switch 5-6 on, switch 7-8 off

I do not know what to test anymore. Or is the Canopus broken?

Thank you already for your help.

Greetings Klaus

PS: Since my English skills are unfortunately bad, I translate everything with Google.

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