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Tomislav S 06-01-2010 10:26 AM

AAF from Edius to Nuendo
We have made one documentary movie in Edius...duration is about 40 min.
Then I made AAF export for Nuendo with video conversion to mpeg1 and audio copy.
When I open that AAF in Nuendo I have lost all conections to audio clips witch are very small duration.Since we have lot of sound effects with small duration in project we have found a really big problem.
All others audio and video are ok.All audio clips are in the same folder so there is no sense that it can not find path to clips.

Red Union Films 06-01-2010 11:38 PM


Our production company also use Nuendo V4 A couple of things i have noticed are as follows. When importing the AAF into Nuendo it seems to only see half the files, as if it is looking at stereo files that are dual mono even though this may not be what you thought the AAF export had in it. When this happens just point Nuendo at the AAF audio folder and do a manual link of one of the file names Nuendo thinks it can't see, the others will all then bee seen automaticly. Another thing to watch out for is Edius does not give you any options on the AAF export to do with mix data etc. When it exports the wav's or aif's as part of the AAF export, it seems to render any volume changes etc. This can cause a problem at the Nuendo end if the exported/rendered audio file peaks or goes over 0. Eventhough you can alter the clip volume in Nuendo you are already using a pre gained audio file. Although it is borring, it is best to undo any mix info in your Edius project before passing it to Nuendo through the AAF. No matter how good your mix sounds in Edius, when you alter/boost track levels you also attenuate at the summing up bus/output to avoid distortion/clipping. It seems that this does not translate to the rendered AAF audio files therfore some audio files can sound clipped in Nuendo but not in Edius. Like i said, very borring. You may also want to center all panning info before export, as this can be effected by the routing options of the audio out on Edius depending on what hardware config you are using. Also different hardware/software combinations use different panning laws. Like i said this is very borring after you have done a good mix in Edius and you are only touching up and mastering in Nuendo. Even on simple projects i usualy export AAF's to Nuendo and master using stuff like UAD, Powercore, Duende etc. and export a master mix back to Edius. The combination of Edius and Nuendo is fantastic, but not as easy as it could be, mostly due to the AAF exports. I have never come across the problem of small audio segments as opposed to large ones. Not many NLE and DAW systems work as tight as you would like with audio, even Avid and Protools has its problems although it is a more intergrated work flow. Hope this may be of some use to you.


Tomislav S 06-02-2010 07:30 AM

Hi David,

Thanks for your replay.
Yes, I have found several problems with Edius/Nuendo integration..).Volume level, panning etc) but this one with small clips duration are still existing.I hope I will find solution for that too.
Thanks for info one more time.


Red Union Films 06-02-2010 08:49 AM

Hi Tomo.

A work around for your loss of the small sections is as follows. Move your small audio parts onto a new track in Edius. For instance, if you have audio for footsteps create a new audio track and move them there. Do this for any other groups of the small problem files. In effet each new audio track will act as a sub group. Mark your I/O point in the sequence to be the same as your AAF, start frame end frame. Mute all audio tracks so you only have one of your new group tracks active, then do an audio export of the timeline. Mute and and unmute in the same way for the other group tracks, until you have got all your seperate group tracks exported out as seperate long audio clips. Import these into your audio pool in Nuendo then just drag them to same start point as the rest of your mix that was from the AAF. Although they are not individual small clips anymore, you have sub groups of the same type of audio in perfect sync. If you need to at this point you can just cut up your long audio tracks in smaller sections the reperesent the original cuts and move them to further tracks if needed, remember if you move edits to a new track use edit in place, i think this is either shift or ctrl when draging, to stop you from going off your original track SMPTE point. It may just be easier to automate the mix from the faders. Again, this is only a work around. But i have done a lot of audio work like this moving between different software packs not just Edius, when AAF's and OMF's where even more unstable and next to useless.


routaz 11-19-2010 02:53 PM

Audio slows down when importing AAF to Nuendo.
Hello all.

I am using Edius 5 and Nuendo 4 at the moment. My problem is that when I import AAF from Edius to Nuendo, i will have all the audio there but for some reason Nuendo slows down all the audio a doing a time strecth for it. All the clips are in right place and right length, only the audio inside the clip is slowed down so that it sounds like the narrator is drunk or something...

Im not sure about the right setting for exporting AAF's, any help?

Here's the Project settings:

Hardware : Generic OHCI
Frame size : 1920 x 1080
Frame rate : 25,00( 25/1 )
Pixel aspect : 1,0000
Field order : Top Field First
Rate : 48000Hz
Sample size : 16 Bit
Channel : 2
Render format : Canopus HQ Standard
Over Scan Size : 3 %

Thanks in advance!!!

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