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alex177 09-03-2014 12:51 PM

Displaying text on loop

Is there a way to loop text using Channel Composer?

3-4 bits of text arrives through a playlist and we want to show it on the screen on a loop.

For e.g. - Text 1 (Plays for 10 Seconds) -> Text 2(10 Seconds) - Text 3 (10 Seconds) -> Text 1 (10 Seconds) again ...... and it goes on till the end of the event.

Is it possible to do it without R-tic? if not, how do we do it with R-Tic

Thanks in Advance.


GrassValley_RV 09-09-2014 09:56 AM

Hi Alex,

You could use the Ticker-as-a-timer trick described here:


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