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GrassValley_OB 08-27-2012 06:03 PM

Switcher vs Editor Model in Playlist editing
Imagine that you just did a camera cut on your router. You want to use every frame of video before the cut. In SWITCHER model, the system starts or ends the transition with that first or last frame of the clip, so you will never see the camera cut. In EDITOR model, the system uses additional frames from the guard bands for the transition so that your first or last full frame of video is determined by the IN and OUT points of the clip. Therefore, in Editor model you would see the camera cut as part of the transition.

- NOTE: if using transferred clips in a playlist from another system, make sure you include guard bands as part of the clip transfer if you are planning on using Editor model. Because the system uses guard band frames to make the transition possible, if the guard band was not included as part of the transfer, the clip will sit in “pause” for the duration of the transition and then suddenly play. A simple fix for this is to adjust the IN or OUT point for the clip for as many frames as needed to make the transition possible.

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