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GrassValley_SL 08-23-2018 12:48 PM

EDIUS 9.21
EDIUS is available for download.
Version 9.21.3770

  • Burning Blu-ray disc fails at encoding process if 48kHz is not selected as audio sampling frequency
  • Disc menu letter size is not adjusted when burning Blu-ray disc
  • Noisy audio is played in Blu-ray disc menu
  • EDIUS allows certain operation while opening loudness meter dialog
  • EDIUS detects existing partial render file as invalid if partial rendered clip is moved
  • Stabilizer effect cannot be applied for sequence clip
  • EDIUS crashes while modifying color balance in half screen and draft preview mode (Workgroup only)
  • EDIUS crashes when browsing certain XDCAM clip on Source Browser
  • EDIUS freezes if certain pattern of mask applied
  • Disc Burner fails to create Blu-ray disc image in certain condition
  • Clip marker disappears on certain step
  • Luma/ chroma shifts on stretching frame size to "1/2 using Lanczos 2 resampling method in 8-bit project
  • Audio bit depth mismatches in EDIUS AAF file export
  • Line noise unexpectedly appears at transition applied part
  • EDIUS cannot open certain MP3 clip

  • Footage disappears from preview screen if dpi size changed
  • Edit shooting date dialog does not display correct date format due to selected region
  • Modified date taken for search period is not applied in smart search
  • Text cursor moves to top if a character is deleted while editing clip metadata for import
  • Cannot change clip color space after restarting Mync then select same clip
  • Number of asset does not appear in Storyboard tree if multiple Storyboards created
  • File information pane in clip properties is not updated even after changing UI language
  • Number of storyboard at sidebar does not follow settings in View
  • FTP link is still created when abort uploading multiple clips
  • FTP link is incorrect when user select to upload entire folder structure via FTP

EDIUS Software v9.21b3770 Full Installer
Released: 2018-08-21
Size: 712 MB
Important Note: This package does not include the PDF manuals or DVD Menu Style application. You can download those separate via the Related Downloads links below.

Download EDIUS_Setup-9.21.3770.exe to your local harddisk drive
Update EDIUS 9 by running the file EDIUS_Setup-9.21.3770.exe
When the installation is finished, reboot your PC.

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