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Bassman 05-21-2011 02:37 PM

Questions about FCB & TMPG 5

I am a long time Edius user with 5.5 and I have recently started using TMPGenc 5 for all of my DVD and Blu-ray encoding. I wanted to ask some questions about using T5 with the FCB card to other users so here it goes.

1) How much faster is the encoding?

I have a Intel i7-920 (OC to 3.0 Mhz) and 12GB of ram. My workflow is to output a Canopus Lossless file from Edius and input into T5.
For CBR Blu-ray (no Filters) I get 1:1 encoding time.
For VBR Blu-ray (no Filters) I get 1:2 encoding time.
For CBR DVD (color correction & contour filters) I get 1:2.5 encoding time.
For CBR DVD (color correction & contour filters) I get 1:4.5 encoding time.

So with VBR DVD with filters I am at 4.5x the project length to encode the file. This is the best image quality which is what I am after (please don't suggest a lesser option :) ).

2) Will the FCB help my DVD encoding times given I have some filters in use?

3) I have a Gigabyte motherboard. I have read that there is a compatibility issue. Is there a "workaround" or am I just out of luck for the FCB?

Thanks for your input.

MPPais 05-21-2011 05:53 PM

I use SpursEngine and plug-in to Edius 6.Together they d a good job. I upscale SD to HD with the option SpursEngine with a very good result. SpursEngine is fast but not more faster....With plug-in to Edius we can Print to file directly from timeline and to choose hardware (SpursEngine) or software encoders.Hardware encoder is faster than software encoder but ther's not a great difference because software and hardware encoders work in conjugation.As you can see at Forum many users don't love plug-in to Edius and they work like you do.Also I can tell you that with your workflow denoiser filter with SpursEngine do a good job (we must choose SpursEngine profile).You have trial versions SpursEngine and plug-in for Edius 5.So you can do experiences and see results by yourself.

Ron Evans 05-22-2011 01:33 PM

Since you are after the best quality I would stay with the software encode. Spurs is one pass encoding and in my tests is not as good as the 2 pass VBR software encode. I use T4 with the TMPGenc Spurs plug in, FCB.

My flow is to export a HQ fine file and encode in T4. I do not apply any filters in T4 as I get the file exactly as I want in Edius so T4 is just a downconvert and encode and this is about 2.5 times realtime on my system. For Bluray I use the T4 Spurs to create an AVC file that I then author in DVD Architect ( need to change file designation to AVC). Bluray encode is about realtime or a little faster.

If you don't own FCB I would not bother.

Ron Evans

Bassman 05-22-2011 02:27 PM

Thanks for your input Ron! I really like the results I am getting from T5 but the DVD encode times are killing me. I sent a support question to TMPG about three weeks ago and have never heard back... My CPU usage only gets up to ~20% while encoding mpeg-2 with all of the cores are not being used either.

While I do not want the program to **** up every resource, 20% is just wasting time that could be saved.

Hope your recitals are going well.

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