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trillium 05-17-2019 06:27 PM

Low end system questions
On a 2-drive system is it better to save Edius 9.4 projects to the system drive rather than the lone video storage drive while keeping all the video and graphics on the storage drive. Had a crash yesterday working on Edius timeline with 59.64p project. Edius was behaving a little sluggish as well, while not that sluggish today. I have no control of network or security settings.

Just wondering if placing the project file on the system drive might be better in this small system setup with an i78700, 32gig ram, P1000 quadro with 4gig onboard. System drive is a Samsung class 40 80% free and the storage drive is 7200rpm 75% free.

thanks, wasn't sure where to post this so I double posted.


ExFool 06-13-2019 08:32 PM

Double-posting makes moderators unhappy, please don't do it. This is a very active forum, your questions will be answered in short order.

I don't think it matters where you save the project file; it's insignificant in size compared to your video files, and it's only accessed when you open and save the project (or Edius auto-saves).

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