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hardahmed 10-12-2011 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by David Clarke (Post 162793)
The Storm Mobile does capture to HQ even without an HQ chip. It can also do more codecs - AVC-Intra and MPEG2, as well as Canopus HQX.

The down-converted footage is always 4:3 as far as I can see (so an HD timeline is automatically letter boxed by the Storm Mobile) but then most SD screens are 4:3 anyway.

So the Storm Mobile captures to HQ, HQX and other codecs without a HQ chip, Is there a performance difference.?

I m planning on using this with a SONY LMD-2110W Wide Screen Monitor so you were saying its 4:3 only (playback), Any 16:9 projects will be displayed as 4:3 with letterbox? Guess it will be 16:9 at least on the HDMI output right?

I think i ll be getting the Storm Mobile....

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