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Bluetongue 11-05-2014 08:02 AM

ATI Drivers and E7
For those who may be using ATI cards there is a problem with E7 with the latest updates from 14.4 and onwards
The new drivers load VisualC++ 2012 that Edius uses BUT it is set to overwrite any newer versions, BAD
I have contacted them but so far no reply
Luckily I made an image before updating
If you have the driver installed before installing E7 no problems
The problem appears when using the GPU effects, it almost eliminates the use of the GPU for Edius
Buffer in Edius set to 4G 15 frames
I have a test timeline with NB color fast which normally fills the buffer in 12-13 seconds after the new driver was installed 2 minute and still climbing
Current card ATI HD6950OC
Also tried a new R9 290X supposed to be a nVidea beater, don't know where it works but for video editing it is useless, my test timeline no mater which driver 6 minutes and still climbing slowly
Came from my Grandson who changed over to nVidea for his games, did not seem to work as expected there either
Trying to overclock this card is a nightmare one step too many, BLack SCREEN AND INTO THE COMPUTER IN safe mode to delete the USER<> App Data<> local<> ATI folder
Have not tried reinstalling E7.4 full over an install, during all this I am back to ZERO resets on my licence so will wait I hope till the next version or perhaps need to jump all the hoops to get my resets updated
Gee I miss the DONGLE

SoundFreak_HD 11-09-2014 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by Bluetongue (Post 243247)
Gee I miss the DONGLE

I also was always testing and tinkering with Edius / windows and drivers.
since the activation limit I fully stopped tinkering and are always 1 or more updates behind, leaving the tinkering to others.

I'm not liking this attitude i'm forced into and wish for the return of the ...... badly.

On the plus side I have much more time free with my kids now 👍

Liverpool TV 11-09-2014 08:40 PM

Hi Barry and Tony.

Have you tried creating a Ghost backup of your setup. There are other disk imaging tools, but I have used Ghost for many years and it is great.

If you get yourself to a basic setup that works, then you can use this to go back to, in case any new drivers or software destabilise your setup.

It's a real pain not having the dongle anymore. But I doubt very much that GV will reverse their present method for liscencing and activation. Although it is not ideal, it's probably a case of living with it and finding the best workaround solution that allows you to do system changes.

It's an old application now, but you may still find it around the web, maybe Ebay.

A typical Ghost image of Windows, base drivers and Edius, takes less than five minutes to re-ghost.


Bluetongue 11-10-2014 12:54 AM

Thanks Dave
I did have an image but using O&O Disk Image but it failed just when I needed it
Don't think it worked in the first place, did not copy the boot file or Windows Registry, in fact unsure what it copied
Back to Windows Image that works well, used it once since chasing this problem
Stopped using it when I loaded Samsung disk Wizard to work with my new SSD and the windows image stopped working, seems to be hit and miss, some have reported it working ok on the forum, but on mine even after removing Samsung Wizard the Windows image still did not work
Anyway it is now working with the new reload, and I have asked to have my safety registration re instated, have looked at the database on the site and it shows 2 registrations to the same computer so that should be OK, only tome will tell
But at least I now have a reliable image, fingers crossed
Perhaps an enhancement for the registration would be for the site to check the Computer credentials as some do (Trend Micro) and re instate on that, probably too hard

All the best

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