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kratos97 12-30-2019 04:31 AM

Sounds Dropouts
I have tried running a Vob file through procoder to output on DVD. Everything went fine except the audio would drop for half a sec to 1 sec, about twice every minute.
I've reinstalled procoder because I thought there might be a clash somewhere. But still the same. The other thing I can see is the soucre audio Decoder. It's on Rohzet AC3 audio Decoder. Would this make any difference if I choose a different Decoder?
I'm really not sure. Any help would be great.

Thor 12-30-2019 05:35 PM

Rhozet should be the native decoder/encoder for ProCoder, as Rhozet originally wrote the ProCoder and CarbonCoder software. You could try a different encoder within ProCoder and see if that works?

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