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Haddock 11-09-2017 05:01 PM

Learning Mync for a better use of the BIN
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I have started to learn MYNC... with the Start Tutorial....DvdLernkursDesktop.swf

But I still have not understand the philosophy and the advantages of using it in combination of Edius and the advantages compare to the BIN.

Organizing all data's is necessary and essential to produce a film. And since years I first create a Main-Folder-Project wich will contains all elements I need in sub-folders by type of files, of themes, of sources... but all this first on the HD dedicated to video ... see model of folder tree.

The ezp project of Edius is the only file in the Main-Folder-Project and above all others sub-folder.

Then in the bin of Edius I try to recreate the same folder tree day by day as and when the film is created. It's not a perfect mirror but, in the BIN I limit just what I want to edit and to avoid excess of files that have to be charged each time I open the project.

The objectif is to spare time and avoid the loss of time when doing 2 times the same management : one for the general classification on the HD and the other to redo the same in EDius'bin.

So, here are my 2 questions :

First : Is Mync the right tool to manage files and avoid duplication of management in the BIN of Edius ?

Second : I am looking for a good tutorial that directly guides me to the use of Mync in the philosophy of tandem and link with Edius. I have respect for tutorials and accept to invest time in learning before invading the forum asking thinks that are prerequisites.

Thanks for help

Bluetongue 11-09-2017 11:24 PM

The answer to question 1 is in my opinion no
Cannot give you an answer to question 2

From my point of view the best use of Mync is where I can keep track of photos, music and various clips that I have accumulated over the years that can be used again
Clips I have taken for a project I bring straight into the Bin
To give you a better idea
Having taken a clip of a forest and it has a lot of wind noise in the microphone, I can look into Mync for audio tagged with wind in trees and replace the offending audio
I have a beach scene and want to add a clip with seagulls flying overhead etc
I add them to the Bin from Mync inside EDIUS and they appear in a folder marked Mync in the Bin
All these archived clips are on disk inside my computer, for me Mync has been a magnificent addition

Hope that helps

Haddock 11-10-2017 07:31 AM

Thank you for the quick answer.

I prefer verify the good understanding of your answer.

If I understand well, Mync is a sort of catalogues maker with a brige in Edius.

That means that any document that you set in a catalogue of Mync called "Forest" (as exemple) will be visible from Edius ?

I am still not very confortable with the understanding of what help Mync gives compare to a "standard" Windows Explorer.

GrassValley_SL 11-10-2017 10:15 AM

You can manage your files in mync and have the same structure in EDIUS for your project.
In Mync you can create catalogs and smart catalogs.
Just like the folders you create in explorer.

The smart catalogs are very powerful because they can be dynamic based on the search parameters you set.

When you have done your organizing you can choose which catalogs and or smart catalog show up in a project. You go to source browser-> Mync and add the catalog(s) to the bin by using add to bin.

They will show up under MYNC in the bin.

This is very easy and nice.

It is all too much to explain in a post but if you try it you will see what I mean.

David Clarke 11-10-2017 11:06 AM

I did an introduction to Mync tutorial you can see here :

The point is to organise footage outside of EDIUS to keep the projects small. A large project takes longer to save, load and manage.

Haddock 11-11-2017 08:30 AM

Thanks Steve and David.

First you understood my needs. Managing one time, and use in Edius the catalogue result to avoid the charging of BIN.

I will go on learning... but still "one question".

Catalogue is "I suppose" something dynamic to add, delete and re-organise the documents needed... and ouside Edius (as in Windows Explorer)

What append in Edius when I change first, in Mync catalogue, some files, add, delete, move, etc... and that I re-opend Edius project after. Will the catalogue "via" Edius be updated ?... I suppose that the BIN says fixed.

David Clarke 11-11-2017 08:32 AM

You have to right click on the catalogue or Mync heading in the source browser and click "refresh" for it to notice the updates.

Haddock 11-11-2017 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by David Clarke (Post 301148)
You have to right click on the catalogue or Mync heading in the source browser and click "refresh" for it to notice the updates.

Cool... thanks. So first is learning the use of it. I am full of hope to rationalise the time invest in DAM.

Haddock 11-17-2017 11:31 AM

I still need some help to understand...

I am actually working on a project that is more then 1.250 files in the BIN and in the 30 sequences (1 per day of record)

Actually, the structure of the BIN is very similar compare to the structure of the folders on my HDisk. (I like to stay consistent).

So, I made the job twice : 1st to organise the files on my computer and 2nd to redo the same structure in my BIN.

If I have well understood the first explanations of the lessons given by David Clarke and the other tutorial downloaded (thanks to both of you for that),....

1) Creation of the project structure in a global project folder, including sub-folders (by theme) on my HDisk (with windows explorer or Total Commander)

2) In Mync, creation of a catalogue based on the Global Project Folder

3) In Edius, opening the source navigator then Mync then the desired catalogue

In this case I should have the complete access to all documents and do not need to create anything in the BIN...

If this procedure 1), 2), 3) is wright, any change in the basic Global Project Folder on the HDisk needs only a "update" of the catalogue in Mync... and Tataaaa that will be update and visible in Edius Mync...

Thanks to confirm that this correct...

David Clarke 11-17-2017 03:36 PM

Not quite. If you update the hard drive folders Mync does not automatically update. If you add some clips to the hard drive folders you will need to add them to Mync as well.

If they are registered to the catalogue in Mync they will appear in EDIUS.

The folder structure you have in Mync is not how they appear when registered in Mync either. If you are using Mync then you could just have all your clips in one folder on the hard drive, register them to Mync and then add tags which identify them. Make a smart catalogue on that tag and that will appear in EDIUS. Add more clips to Mync and put the tag on it and the smart catalogue will show them.

What you can do is just have both EDIUS and Mync open and drag clips from Mync into EDIUS. You don't even need to register them to the catalogue. So you can organise on the hard drive, look at them in Mync and drag in the ones you are using.

You could just have a Windows explorer window open instead as you can drag directly from explorer to EDIUS as well.

So you may say why bother with Mync. The answer is you can use it to organise the stuff using Mync in the first place rather than organising it with Windows. Put all the files in one place, register all the clips to Mync and then tag then and use catalogues and smart catalogues to organising them instead of organising in Windows explorer. In Mync you can play lots of clips Windows can't, you can see information Windows can't and you can add more information and tags, which Windows cannot do.

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