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Kris 06-25-2015 06:52 PM

GV Browser - Any way to tag subclips?
GV Browser strikes me as very much a work-in-progress.

While it allows me to create custom tags for clips...and even maintains a searchable database of metadata for clips that are doesn't seem to support subclips or temporal markers within a clip.

This would allow me, for instance, to tag a particular piece of music in a long recorded performance. Or mark individual events within a clip.

Are these available features that I've simply not discovered?

Planned features for future updates (as with Edius 8)?

Or should these be considered as feature requests? Thanks.

GrassValley_PS 06-25-2015 08:25 PM

I think your assessment is accurate. It is very much a work in progress. I do not have it with me at the moment so I cannot address your specific question.

David Clarke 06-26-2015 09:57 AM

I prefer the term "this is the first version" myself to "work in progress". What it does it does well. It could do more.

For me the big thing currently is that it is a file browser that understands lots of video formats like AVCHD, P2, XDCAM etc which most of my other browsers don't so it has let me catalogue my drives full of video easily.

I wanted to test something with GH4 MP4 3840 clips that were 25 fps but I have lots of GH4 clips, some MP4 some MOV, some 24P, some HD etc. The answer - a smart catalog that showed me only clips that matched what I wanted, made in seconds rather than ages loading clips into EDIUS, checking properties etc.

Drbgaijin 06-26-2015 10:07 AM

I'm with David on this one.
The GV Browser fills a gap in my own workflow.
I am using it primarily to catalogue all the old stuff that I have gathered on my drives over the years.
It gives me an easy way to find video clips (of all formats) audio clips and images.
This function alone makes the whole thing very worthwhile (for my workflow)

For things like copying new stuff from SD cards, I am going to stick to my old Sony Content Browser.

More on my adventures into the GV Browser coming this weekend on my Vimeo channel

Kris 06-26-2015 07:15 PM

Good Start, But Keep the Iterations Coming....
At the moment GV Browser is a 'clip manager', which itself is extremely valuable, and fills a hole in my own workflow, as well.

But if you're dealing with long-format recordings, or let your cameras run unattended or across multiple takes, etc., then you might need a a level of granularity finer than CLIP. At the very least, timecoded EVENTS within CLIPS. Like a subclass of tag, but specific to one frame in one clip.

It's frustrating because GV seems to have done 95% of the underlying programming to get such a thing to work. I mean, why does it let me frame-by-frame in the preview window (CTRL-Arrow), if I can't then tag an EVENT? I'm hopeful that can be added.

And it does feel kind of like a functional prototype more than a release version. For instance, while it lets you frame-by-frame in the preview window, there doesn't appear to be a fast-forward or rewind option. And when you select multiple clips, the properties panel blanks entirely and gives you a selection count, almost like debugging information. I have to then right-click to apply tags to multiple clips. Why no persistent tagging window? Odd. (And this is part of a paid upgrade, not some freeware for which I should simply be grateful.)

Still, the core functionallity seems solid

ntbone 07-02-2015 06:48 AM

Dealing with subclips woudl be great, however, first I would like to see them support things like, mass tagging, and mass rating. I might want to select 5 clips and give them all a tag. I have yet to figure out how to do this. I might also want to rate a group of clips 1 or 4 or whatever. Having a view of the tags as well so I can just drag and drop.

It does make a pretty speedy video browser. Far better then lightroom when it comes to performance, but it still lacks a lot in the way of tagging, ratting etc... I would really like to be able to tag clips for a subject, tag clips for keywords, and mass tag.

David Clarke 07-02-2015 12:20 PM

I have just posted a video regarding the new stuff in EDIUS 8. In the 3rd chapter about the GV Browser it talks about adding tags to many clips and making sure you use a tag which is already there:

Basically select a few clips and right click and select "edit properties". Add a tag there and it is applied to lots of clips. Also once you start tying the tag it shows you all the tags with those letters in and you can choose one.

Bluetongue 07-03-2015 12:53 AM

Thanks David
Watched all your video's on the the new Edius fabulous
I was unsure how I was going to use the Browser, must be getting old, but your tutorial just opened the door
I have a library of clips that are used for adding atmosphere, animals. birds, sounds, flowers etc all kept in relevant folders on the HD, needing to open Explorer and fossick through
No longer need to this is great

Drbgaijin 07-03-2015 01:21 AM

Hello Barry,
Now that you are finding a use for the GV Browser, you might like to watch the tutorials that I am in the process of doing on it.
Like David, I can see the possibilities of using the browser to catalogue my disorganised collection of media.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding more tutorials on the Browser and how I am using it.


Bluetongue 07-03-2015 02:21 AM

Thanks Douglas
I have only had a look at it on the Laptop that does not have access to my library, so it was a bit hard to relate to what I could use it for, just waiting for the serial number to arrive to activate E8 on my main editor
The Trial serial will only work on one computer, won't allow a second activation on another

Will let you know
Regards Barry

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