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GrassValley_SL 01-24-2018 12:48 PM

Edius 9.10.3086
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New Features of Version 9.10.3086 EDIUS
  • Support AVC Proxy clip recorded by XAVC equipment
  • Support to display progress of certain process (timeline rendering, file export, batch export) on EDIUS icon
  • Support to export H.265 (HEVC) clip on Intel 6th or 7th Generation Core i processor based system using Intel Quick Sync Video
Note: for the 6th generation only 8 bit out is supported because of the hardware design. From the 7th generation and up 10 bit is also supported.

  • Support Author metadata in JPEG clip
  • Support to create a sub clip on Storyboard
  • Support "Lens Model" information in still clip shot by Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Preserve original "Date taken" for snapshot
  • Support keyboard shortcut to add/remove tag
  • Support simultaneous preview for multiple still image

Uninstall both EDIUS and GV License Manager from Program and Features.
This must be completed so the GV License Manager will be updated.
Download EDIUS_9.10_3086_DL_Setup.exe to your local harddisk drive
Update EDIUS 8 by running the file EDIUS_9.10_3086_DL_Setup.exe
When the installation is finished, reboot your PC.

GrassValley_PS 01-25-2018 05:46 AM

Correct procedure to upgrade to EDIUS 9.10 for customers who are using both 8 & 9 on same PC is as below:

1) Uninstall both EDIUS 9 & GV License Manager from Program and Features. If both 8 &
9 are installed on same PC, you do not need to uninstall EDIUS 8.

2) Run the downloaded EDIUS_9.10_3086_DL_Setup.exe.

3) Both EDIUS 9 and GV License Manager will be updated.

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