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alatriste1 03-30-2016 05:59 PM

OSX - El Capitan
I'm about to upgrade OSX, Is composer running ok under "El Capitan"
I'm using a mac book pro 2.3 Ghz Core i7.

alatriste1 04-25-2016 09:52 PM

Two months later no Grass Valley response... :/

GrassValley_PS 04-25-2016 09:58 PM

This is not an official forum and very few people visit here that would involve this product. You should contact tech support and open a ticket.

harveylexton 05-06-2016 11:53 AM

Edius 8 OS X
I wonder if GV will ever make Edius 8 work in EL Capitan. The reason is I use Mac and use VMware for win 10 but I find it crashing to much.

SoundFreak_HD 05-06-2016 12:17 PM

The days of the mighty Mac are over and gone .....

While there was a good reason 20 years ago or so to go Mac anything audio and video related, due to the crapiness of Windows, things changed with Windows 7 and Windows 10 is great with any pro audio or video software and hardware.

If you really have the need to run Edius as an NLE you should consider adding a windows computer to your tool box.

If you build or buy a system comparable to a mac pro you'll find that there is virtually no difference between running a Mac or PC, it's just the chosen soft and hardware that defines the usefulness of the tools.
There are some Mac users here and maybe if you Google your way around this forum you can find them by reading some old threads / posts, once found shoot them a P.M. and I'm sure someone might reveal the hidden magic.

Not sure if indeed Edius 8 can runs smoothly on the system you want to run it on but I know of Edius 7 being used under Windows 7 on a Mac with stable results.....

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