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ductuan 03-05-2016 04:25 AM

Please help me about k2 edge playout
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please help me ! I used command line "./nexusproc restart all"
,but not effective . Thank you very much

And method created RecPack Channel on Channel Composer (My setting I/O SDI : 1,3,5,7 Input, 2,4,6,8 output) :(

ductuan 03-05-2016 05:46 PM

And pls tutorials method created RecPack Channel pack on Channel Composer !

ductuan 03-06-2016 05:24 AM

I am a customer has purchased K2 Edge Layout.
During the test run, the following error may often occur:
- When click Next (1 to 2 to 3 to 4 event LIVEinput) to select the input or when recorder Channel K2 Main and K2 Backup automatically shutdown, and can not be restarted by clicking the power button 1 times, should hold for a few seconds then turn it back.
- Currently, in the webpage interface manager (IP / txdashboard), the green lights of K2 Backup has grayed, despite all services are working

Grassvalley company please give me some advice to deal with the above issues or send engineers to intervene.

I think there is something wrong when changing INPUT port at Playout Control or IN/OUT port on the back of the K2 Edge Playout.

If there are warnings about the IN/OUT, please provide.

GrassValley_PS 03-06-2016 05:34 AM

This forum is not official support. You should contact GV support directly.

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