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advisiontv 12-01-2018 01:18 PM

BlackMagic mini monitor issue
Has anyone successfully used a BlackMagic mini monitor on Edius? Iíve just got an amazing i9 9900k laptop which flies. However when I connect my new mini monitor the audio keeps going out of sync. Normally itís when the video buffers the audio simply carries on - which is bizarre as surely the audio is embedded in the SDI or hdmi.

Peterjames 12-02-2018 09:52 AM

I am using a Mini Monitor 4K with i9-7900x and Edius 8 with no problems (UHD 25fps and FHD50p) Peter

David Clarke 12-03-2018 09:27 AM

It is only when EDIUS cannot play part of the timeline so it plays slower and then catches up later. With the Thunderbolt mini monitor the sound goes out of sync and stays out of sync. With other devices on the same laptop the sound stutters when EDIUS cannot play but stays in sync.

What drivers are you using Peter? Matt has Adobe as well so we put on the latest BM drivers, but I do wonder if that is the problem.

Peterjames 12-03-2018 11:13 AM

I am using V10.9.7 on my PC (not laptop) with Edius 8.53 Wg and Resolve 14. I will be updating Resolve to version 15 soon so may be forced to update the BM Desktop video prog and drivers. so will be keeping my fingers crossed Edius works okay with latest BM drivers. Peter

David Clarke 12-03-2018 11:27 AM

Thanks. Matt has EDIUS 9 so you have to use at least the version 10.9.5 drivers. For Resolve 15 will want at least those, maybe later ones. If you try 10.11.4 let me know what happens if EDIUS cannot play a bit of the timeline.
Unfortunately my only Thunderbolt device, a Shuttle, got bricked by a driver update so I can only test with USB3 devices, which do not have this problem.

Peterjames 12-03-2018 11:47 AM

Thanks David. I have a few more projects to wrap up before any upgrades so will let you know how I get on later in the month. Peter

Liverpool TV 12-03-2018 12:18 PM

Here's a few observations in case it helps anyone.

I have a HD PCI Mini Monitor and every driver I tried seemed to work great. I'm not near my PC right now so can't say what one it's on at the moment but it will be at leat 18 months old.

One of my editor friends has a Mac Pro, I sometimes use it for certain stuff so put my Edius on it. He has a HD TB MM and I've used that on it, again an old driver but that works as well.

I know there'll be a difference between the HD and 4K versions of the MM but I believe that the hardware is pretty much the same between each one and their PCI and TB variants.

As I've seen the HD TB MM working under Windows on a Mac with Edius without issues. I suspect the lack of issues maybe the TB controller on the Mac being matched better at the hardware level. It may be the case that the TB controller on a typical PC may not be implemented as well? Issues on PC hardware may well also be driver related.

I remember trying TB a while back on PC, if I remember correctly I think it was an add on riser for I think an Asus board. All I remember is that I had many issues with the nterface itself, or maybe it's implementation/intergration with the main board.

David Clarke 12-04-2018 08:15 AM

The OP has a laptop with TB built-in but it could be to do with that and there is just no way to fix it. A USB3 device on the same machine with the same drivers worked as expected.

Liverpool TV 12-04-2018 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by David Clarke (Post 316670)
The OP has a laptop with TB built-in but it could be to do with that and there is just no way to fix it. A USB3 device on the same machine with the same drivers worked as expected.

Yes I'm aware of what was said in the first post. I was just describing my experience of a similar device in a few different setups that all worked and that by comparison my experience of TB on native typical PC hardware was problematic.

Maybe I wasn't as obvious as what I usually am in what I was eluding to.

Just to be clear. I was basically saying that it sounds like the TB on the laptop is the source of the problem.

David Clarke 12-04-2018 12:27 PM

Not meant to be criticising you Dave :-).

I know a bit about this since I set the laptop up for him, but I did not have a working Thunderbolt device with which to test it. I also know he is busy working so can't always reply here.

On a desktop I would never get a Thunderbolt device, I would get a PCIe one, since Thunderbolt for PCs seems like an after thought. You need it on a MAC since you can add anything into them, but with PCs it is so easy to use something else.

On a laptop my experience with Thunderbolt has been better than with USB3 Blackmagic devices (up until my Thunderbolt Shuttle was bricked by a Firmware update). It has been variable - so with some generations of laptop everything works, and with others only the powered BM devices worked. The Thunderbolt could be the problem or it could be the BM drivers, so the first step is to see if anyone else has a working set up.

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