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jmramsey 12-01-2016 11:32 PM

Laptop needs for Edius
I work for a News Station and we are trying to source out laptops for our reporters to use in the field. We have a company spec for our laptop that is...

We have recently moved from Dell the HP's across the company. Although it meets the minimum requirements and can definitely run the software I am wondering if something with 4 logical cores (8 hyperthreads) would make enough of difference for me to fight to go to a workstation laptop (ultimately more cost per seat). When you are talking about 28-32 laptops it adds up quickly.

If there is not a major issue with this unit we can go with it but I wanted to ask first. Any thoughts?

GrassValley_PS 12-02-2016 05:13 AM

Jason, please send me a PM. I have been to over 130 stations and I can give you some advice on the best bang for the buck for laptops or work stations.

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