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GrassValley_SL 07-03-2019 03:37 PM

Edius 9.40.5106
Today we release EDUIS update 9.40.5106

The following issues are fixed or improved in this version:
  • Not working jog operation in VTR emulation (only Workgroup and optional license required)
  • (SFDC00664243)
  • EDIUS timeline playback status randomly changes to 'Stop' (SFDC00680829)
  • Placed audio is played slowly in the timeline (SFDC00666553)
  • "Reset audio level" button on the Player is missing in EDIUS Pro (SFDC00681578)
  • ProRes422 8K export consuming too much memory (only Workgroup and optional license required. Only available for EDIUS turnkey systems)
  • Fail to create Multicam sequence if you choose a clip that has mono track audio Unable to resize background job window in German Windows (SFDC00689511)
  • EDIUS crashes while modifying parameter for video layouter
  • If you modify lift value in Primary Color Correction, another values unexpectedly changed
  • EDIUS prints different closed caption from what operator sees while editing
  • EDIUS fails to transfer multiple clips from P2 Source Browser (SFDC00690205, 00694302)
  • Image in QuickTitler clip is lost after rename or move project (SFDC00685768)
  • Unexpectedly changes voice over recording level after restarting EDIUS application (SFDC00693733)
  • EDIUS does not display clip marker from P2 Source Browser
  • Marker position unexpectedly replaces to another clip marker's position

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