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Merlin2504 04-03-2019 10:31 AM

Canopus ADVC 500 problems with recording
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I bought myself a used ADVC 500. Now I have tremendous problems and hope not that I have received a defective Canopus ADVC 500, especially since the power supply, what I've noticed is not an original.

The problem:
I record with a video recorder JVC HR-S7500 (no TBC) over the connection SVHS and Audio Chinch. He begins recording and stops recording after about 6-10 minutes. The signal continues to arrive at the computer, but nothing is recorded?

I then testweise to error source limit my Pinnacle MovieBox DV Firwire connected. And there the recording works perfectly.

What else can I set or test on the ADVC 500?

The DIP switches are set as follows:
1st variant / test: 1-4 off, 5-6 on, 7-8 off
1st Variation / Test: 1-2 off, 3 on, 4 off, 5-6 on, 7-8 off

Thank you already for your help.

Greetings Klaus

PS: Since I'm from Germany and unfortunately can not speak English, I wrote in Google Translate.

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