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cmusic_idv 08-16-2019 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by DigitalDave (Post 323413)
The gaps will show up when you move the WHOLE TRACK to correct.
In the scenario I have created, track 1,2 4,5 stay sync locked and track 3 is unlocked and moved forward or backward to correct the sync with the other clips.
Then you fix the holes created at one end or the other.

I have tried , move foward 1 frame, and all camera3 clips leave a gap behind. than I have to drag each clip's right boundary manually? Or there's some keyboard shortcut to extend the clip's boundary?

DigitalDave 08-16-2019 09:33 AM

Correct. But after you have adjusted at least the whole track is correct.
It takes a few secs a clip so even 50 "gaps" would only take 10 mins max to fix. JFDI!

antonsvideo 08-16-2019 09:41 AM

I assumed his clips went out of sync over time and were in sync at the start of the timeline

it happens to me when I shoot XDCAM HD as main camera and have Panasonic as second camera, it drifts up to 3 frames in a three hour timeline, so I often pause and compare waveforms and correct things along the way before doing further multicam cuts

so if I was to shift the whole track, the beginning sections would then be out of sync

cmusic_idv 08-16-2019 09:47 AM

DigitalDave & antonsvideo:

Thank you all for solving my problem, Thanks a lot !!

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