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Tobe 04-29-2019 02:58 PM

FZ-2500 audio issue
Not sure if this is the right place..please move if necessary.

I have been using the Lumix FZ2500 for much of my documentary work lately, and although it has many features I like, and the image seems fine, it has an annoying audio problem. When using an external mic and zooming at other than very, very, very slow speeds, the audio is severely clipped (can't think of what else to call it) and almost unusable. Consequently, I make it a rule to zoom in (or out) to change the shot only when in-between important information or when a question is being asked of the on-camera person, so as to not miss the answer. Of course this isn't always possible, especially in a "run and gun" situation, so sometimes I have to do some hefty audio work to try to get that portion up to the the same level as the rest of the recording without excessive noise. I assume it's Panasonic trying to deaden the zoom motor noise, but it's very poorly implemented. Anyone else having this issue and has anyone found a solution? I have tried all the available audio settings with no solution yet.

John Hooper 04-29-2019 04:06 PM

When you say the audio sounds clipped, do you mean a drop in audio level? If you have the "Zoom Mic" option turned on, then it will dip the audio so you don't pick up the motor noise from the zoom.

The down side to turning that function off is that you will hear the motor noise unless you can get the exterior mic further away from the camera.

Can you post a small sample of what the problem sounds like?

Tobe 04-29-2019 11:53 PM

The zoom mic setting is off...the limiter is on...wind noise canceller is off...I'll try to post a small file that illustrates the clipping I mean dramatically lowers the audio level.

Tobe 04-30-2019 12:27 AM

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here's a short clip...listen or watch the wave form when the zoom happens for the dip.

John Hooper 04-30-2019 10:01 AM

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Originally Posted by Tobe (Post 320034)
here's a short clip...listen or watch the wave form when the zoom happens for the dip.

That sounds like you have the "Noise Reduction For Ext Mic" switched on, see this video (not one of mine)
It sounds like the microphone you are using is not mounted on the camera, so you should not pick up the zoom motor noise if the "Noise Reduction for Ext Mic" is switched off.

I think all Panasonic manuals are badly written (in English). The manual on page 314 lists the function, but it is not fully explained.

Tobe 04-30-2019 06:33 PM

Thanks for the idea, John.

I see that the menu item for noise reduction doesn't show until I plug in an external mic, and then I see it was indeed on...

Yes, the audio was from a lavalier...I sometimes use a camera-mounted short shotgun or omni so I'll have to be aware of zoom motor noise when I do that. Thanks again for pinpointing what seems to be the problem. Now to test it in a practice shoot :-)

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